A one-sheet guide to picking a CMS

I’ve been trying to consolidate my thoughts on content management technology selection (a large number of which are collated on this site) into something more digestible.

So I’ve come up with this one-sheet guide to picking a CMS (rich text format, 41KB).

The guide is based on reading the many excellent posts on this subject from across the web (you can find a few of these on del.icio.us), discussions with colleagues and my own experiences in tweaking this process on client projects over the years.

Of course, reducing the process to a single page does mean that some of the finer points about how you achieve these tasks can’t be captured fully, but the key purpose is that people who haven’t been through a CMS selection before understand the main tasks involved and the order in which they should be undertaken. The document should also assist those of us who help clients select a CMS to focus on the most significant issues.

It’s not meant to be definitive, so please do let me know your comments: twitter’s the best place to do this. I’ll happily update this page and the document as required.



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